A 100% Mexican company.

Located in the North Central part of Mexico, STAM is a family mechanical metal company that integrates 250 direct and indirect associates.

Top technology equipment

With state of the art technology equipment, STAM continues to serve the Construction, Oil, Water Supply, Industrial Machinery and Mining industries by producing parts for a wide variety of Global Companies in North and South America, as well as in Europe and Asia.



STAM is a Company certified and registered in ISO 9001: 2008 that follows its Quality System and recognizes the importance of delivering quality pieces to its customers.


World Class customers continue to recognize the quality of STAM products year after year.

Equipment and more advanced techniques

On-site product inspections are carried out continuously using the most advanced equipment and techniques, such as automatic coordinate machine measurement, FARO arm measurement, non-destructive testing with qualified personnel and specialized inspection of threads with Gage Maker for Petroleum applications.

Products and Market.

STAM is a Highly Exporting Metalworking company that manufactures products designed by Global clients such as:

Components for assembled vehicles

Industrial equipment and mining

Automotive industry

Subsoil water management

Agricultural industry

Gas and Oil.


A world class partner.